PAIMTECH Philosophy

Generally there are two types of education obtainable at tertiary institutions, there are; the general education and the technical education.

  1. In PAN AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY, we strive to provide general academic, Vocational and technical education. We utilize national curriculum that embodies theory and practice. We aim at producing graduates armed with academic knowledge and practical marketable skills to enable them secure employment either by establishing their own business outfit or by gainfully employed by utilizing their skills, abilities and competencies that are cultivated and inculcated in the course of their stay at Pan African Institute of Management and Technology.

  2. To provide general and technical education leading to supply of trained manpower in applied science, technology, Engineering and commerce particularly at middle and advanced level grades.

  3. To reduce the level of unemployment in the society by providing education that translates to entrepreneurship and self-employment. This will increase the productive potential of the country and raise the economic standard of people. Hence, our graduates have both certificate and technical skill to show for their years of schooling with us at PAIMTECH.